Why Us?

We are an immigration law firm that was built to avoid all the fluff, pompousness, and information overload that is seen from law firms. All people want is legal advice and legal work to be performed, not to have legalese slapped in their face.

My name is Robert Klein, and I own and operate Klein Immigration. I started this immigration law firm to help immigrants, individuals, and businesses in their immigration matters. I am an immigration attorney with years of experience helping individuals and businesses with their visa applications and representing asylum seekers in court. I’ve helped professionals, engineers, physicians, artists, stage actors, and physicists, and many others in many different and varied fields with their employment-based visas. Also, I’ve helped asylum seekers for their asylum interviews and have represented them in court proceedings. Further, I’ve filed appeals with the BIA and with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. I’m a litigator and a fighter. I can help you and those you know and love. I understand the importance of family, of working to make a better life for yourself and your family, and of the need for global mobility.

Our Philosophy

Our clients are first, and because of this, our attorneys are always available to provide the highest customer service with attention to detail to ensure our clients get the assistance they need. Further, because our clients are first, we follow strict security and privacy policies to protect our clients. Thus, we base our business model on several core values: security, quality, communication, accessibility, transparency, and cost-effectiveness.

Our Core Values

Security: We take the security and privacy of our clients’ information and documents seriously. We do not store personally identifiable client data on this webserver. Neither security or privacy is an afterthought but is built up from the beginning.

We are available using several end-to-end encrypted chat apps, including Wire and Signal that can be used for chat, sending files, and even voice.

We store all files on Sync that provides end-to-end encryption in transit and at rest, so all data that is stored on their servers are encrypted that keeps even Sync from reading. You can read about Sync’s privacy and security features here. Client portals, that allow document exchange with the client and us, use Sync.

Quality: We learn our clients’ immigration needs and future plans so that we can provide the best customer service. We only work on what our clients need, and we will not up-sell services that are not needed.

Communication: We always keep our clients up to date on their case and on developments in immigration law, from breaking news to policy changes, allowing our clients to adjust their business plans.

Accessibility: Our attorneys are accessible before and after business hours by cell phone, email, or any number of chat apps, including Wire, Signal, Keybase Chat, WhatsApp, Kakao, WeChat, LINE, and Facebook Messenger.

Transparency: We don’t charge any hidden fees and are completely open with our clients, providing all the options available so our clients make the right decision.

Cost-Effectiveness: We charge a competitive, low-cost, flat-fee for all of our services and charge nothing more for things like answering a phone or responding to an email.