Privacy Policy

We do not collect, store, and share personally identifiable information on this web server. Our security policy is available in the Why Us? page.

First, after you fill out the form on the front page of this website and click Submit, an email is sent to us. The information entered into the form is not stored on the server.

Additionally, we use Matomo Analytics on this website, and we store all data collected for the use of analytics on this server and do not leave this server. As such, you can learn more about this software here. Most importantly, this software is privacy-focused, and you can read about the privacy features of this software here. In summary, the privacy features include respecting the Do Not Track signal from web browsers, anonymizing IP addresses by removing the last 2 bytes, deleting logs older than 6 months, not using cookies to track, and offering an opt-out. If you choose to opt-out, check the checkbox below. If no message appears below, your browser is already blocking tracking, or if your browser is sending a Do Not Track signal, you’re not being tracked.